Erin C

As an Olympic athlete my success depends on my body and health. I met Jeff Alexander after being out of training for 3 weeks with a hip and back injury that I got during a US Rowing training camp down in San Diego. I needed to get back to training as soon as possible and my friends at CrossFit Endurance introduced me to Jeff. Jeff and his wife Carolyn were gracious enough to take 4 hours out of their Sunday morning to help me find the muscular solutions to my injury by using Jeff’s Self Myofascial Release techniques… Not only did Jeff address my current problems and weaknesses, he also thoroughly educated me on how to prevent other frequent injuries I’ve had in my rowing career such as low back injuries, subscapula dysfunction and broken ribs. Jeff has an amazing wealth of knowledge about the active body and I feel very fortunate to have worked with him. I would recommend anyone from professional athletes who depend on their body for their livelihood to weekend warriors who deal with chronic pain to schedule a session with Jeff and become a student of Jeff’s Self Myofascial Release Techniques and their body. I am a healthier and more body-conscience aware athlete now because of Jeff. — Erin Cafaro — 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, USRowing W8+ — 2009 Rowing World Championship, W2- and W8+, Double Gold Medalist


I can’t thank you enough for the … therapy workshops! I set a goal 1 year ago to fix my newly acquired scoliosis. I attended several of your workshops and did my ‘homework’ at home. 1 year later, my scoliosis is completely gone! It worked! I acquired the scoliosis after sitting in a brace for 1 year following back surgery (front and back spinal fusion…. you’ll see all the metal in the picture). For 1 year I sat at the table in a reclined position working on my computer and reading favoring my right side. After 1 year I had definite scoliosis. I was so upset at my doctor appt 1 yr ago that I did not take a picture of my x-ray. Well, here is my picture from this year and you can see my spine is straight! (and completely fused by the way). Thanks again, you are a God send!

Wes E

I wanted to thank you for the help at the shoulder clinic. My shoulder flexibility has improved a lot so far and my OHS has gone up in just the last two weeks. My 1RM OHS was 145#. Yesterday I was able to do this weight for 8 reps and was able to OHS 165#. I am now close to my goal of 10 reps at my body weight (145#). Thanks again

Josh M

Two weeks of TFL pain… I finally remember that I have a full manual of lower extremity SMR, find the TFL section and in 15 mins I have full range of motion and no pain. God has created us in such a way that we can fix ourselves with some knowledge, a lacrosse ball, and a rumble roller. Thank Jeff Alexander and Carolyn Alexander for creating and introducing me to SMR

Carlos R

2 weeks of mobilizing from your class and back squat increased from 300 to 335 with only 1 squat day

Anna J

It’s been 6 months since I’ve had a night of restful sleep related to throbbing pain in my right knee during the night. I’m in need of a knee replacement but have been holding off. I just completed your 2 day seminar on Sunday and slept through the night pain free since the first day. I haven’t been able to do a squat in about a year but did several during the seminar. Guaranteed I will be using these techniques daily!

Dina K

My hands and fingers were hurting the other day so much that I could not type on my computer. So I did 5 minutes of SMR on my forearms, once in the morning and once in the evening. Issue totally gone!

Mario K

The best tool we found at the Mr. Olympia expo 2013. Very important things most of the people don’t realize until it comes to injury. Thanks to Carolyn & Jeff of taking so much time to explain and show it to both of us, you are very kind. Best regards from Germany

Karen L

…this is the website & people I mentioned to you. I would not have come this far in my weight lifting journey, if I had not learned the Alexander Method of Self Myofascial release. They have videos and written instruction available. I have all the goodies at my house if you want to come play sometime. Check it out! Super cool founders too, Jeff Alexander & Carolyn Alexander.

Manda W

Thank you guys so much for fixing me up this weekend! My hip felt great the entire time!