Erin C

As an Olympic athlete my success depends on my body and health. I met Jeff Alexander after being out of training for 3 weeks with a hip and back injury that I got during a US Rowing training camp down in San Diego. I needed to get back to training as soon as possible and my friends at CrossFit Endurance introduced me to Jeff. Jeff and his wife Carolyn were gracious enough to take 4 hours out of their Sunday morning to help me find the muscular solutions to my injury by using Jeff’s Self Myofascial Release techniques… Not only did Jeff address my current problems and weaknesses, he also thoroughly educated me on how to prevent other frequent injuries I’ve had in my rowing career such as low back injuries, subscapula dysfunction and broken ribs. Jeff has an amazing wealth of knowledge about the active body and I feel very fortunate to have worked with him. I would recommend anyone from professional athletes who depend on their body for their livelihood to weekend warriors who deal with chronic pain to schedule a session with Jeff and become a student of Jeff’s Self Myofascial Release Techniques and their body. I am a healthier and more body-conscience aware athlete now because of Jeff. — Erin Cafaro — 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, USRowing W8+ — 2009 Rowing World Championship, W2- and W8+, Double Gold Medalist