Learn the Techniques or Get Certified to Teach Them

Want to learn how to take better care of your muscles?

Come learn what is possible through self-care.

With our hands-on clinics you will learn how to work your body from head to toe, locate the muscles that contribute to proper joint function, and address the ones that limit proper range of motion when they lock up.

If your issue is muscle related you’ll learn techniques that can help. You will also learn cues for proper tool placement, ‘land marking’, and body position, as well as when it is time to call a licensed therapist.

Corporate Wellness/Group Instruction

Choose from the Neck & Shoulder, Hip & Low Back, Knees (thighs & calves), or Ankles (calves & feet)

Prior to contacting us about setting up a corporate wellness series the company owner/human resources manager should gather feedback from the organization regarding the area of interest for the self-care course.

There are 4 specific areas of the body we cover:

• The Shoulders, Neck & Arms.
• The Hips & Lower Back.
• The Thighs, Knees, and Calves.
• The Calves, Ankles, and Feet.

We set up an assessment date to determine each person’s starting functional range of motion. We follow the assessment date with 4 60 to 90 minute training sessions tailored to the group’s needs. We conduct the follow up assessment to note progress in the sixth and final session.
Each class (including the assessments) include “homework” for each participant based on their individual area of concern, which is briefly addressed in the beginning of the following class. Clear, identifiable markers are taught so the the individual can note progress or regression in order to confirm they are practicing the techniques properly and avoid the possibility of making their problem worse.

Criteria/requirements/host bonus
• 1 meter x 2 meters of open floor space per person
• large whiteboard or projector
• min 10 people per 6-session series (no more than 20 participants per series)
• classes offered at $50 per person

Email us with any questions you may have at interested@smrcerts.com

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Personal Trainer Certifications

With 4 Levels of Certification and 2 Levels of Master Trainer credentials we can provide a vehicle to learn more and do more for more people!

Completion of each certification will earn you 8 contact hours of continuing education for each day and potentially get you listed in our international network of certified SMR Instructors.

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Our certs are Pre-Approved for CEUs! If you need continuing education as a trainer you can use our classes to maintain your credential.

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Alexander Method of SMR 4-Hour Mini-Clinics

Choose from the Neck & Shoulder, Hip & Low Back, Knees (thighs & calves), or Ankles (calves & feet)

From the first hour you’ll be engrossed in hands-on SMR techniques addressing the relevant primary, secondary, and extended regions that affect the particular are of interest.

You will learn how to address the first, next, and last muscles that you should be working on through your self-care homework. (Do your homework!)

Not all joint problems can be fixed through SMR, but you will learn what to look for so you know when to work harder and when to call for help.

All participants receive 4 hours of hands-on instruction in the Alexander Method of SMR and a copy of the appropriate Alexander Method of SMR Specialty Course manual (Written instructions, pictures, and anatomical illustrations for the relevant Fundamental & Extended SMR techniques plus the appropriate assessment stretches and functional movements in a full-color digital workbook).

Additional educational materials may be available as well as products, massage stones, and other balls, blocks, and rollers we have selected as appropriate for SMR. Discounts toward available SMR gear may be offered. Selection will be limited by regional availability. Any products included with your registration can be traded toward other products available at the class.

Mini-Clinics are offered only in the Southern California area at this time.

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Are you a Gym owner and would like to schedule a clinic at your place?

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4 thoughts on “Learn the Techniques or Get Certified to Teach Them”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I took your a level 1 class years ago at One World CF in Union City CA. Do you have a document showing my completion hours and credits? Also I am interested in expanding my training and taking more classes. I was going to sign up for a membership but I wanted to know if you had any sort of treatment for Tennis Elbow. That’s the new ailment that has been plaguing me and coming between my workouts. If so, where can I find it? Thanks!


    1. Adrian, it’s good to hear from you! I just sent you an email with a link to your certificate from the class. It was good for 8 contact hours of instruction through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. We have some workshops and certs on our site now, and new ones going into the schedule soon. As for fixing tennis elbow, you should meet with a therapist to rule out any medical need for assistance, then we have a series of techniques using the rollers, balls, compression straps, and some nutritional support to help the tight muscles affecting your recovery. Message me at jeff@smrtips.com so we can discuss how to get you into a class or private session sooner than later. Approaching an issue like tennis elbow will need some regular care but also some caution, and the order of what you should do is better taught in person rather than via the web.


  2. Hi Jeff
    I know I can print out certificates when I need them, but I need some sort of document showing my completion hours and the creds earned from the program, can you email that?

    1. Hey Gillian! Email is coming shortly…got a little bottle-necked last week, and I do apologize for the delay. You will receive it no later than Friday of this week!

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