Elliot E

The new manual looks AMAZINGLY AWESOME and can’t wait to try some of the new moves in there… I do not mind you using my name and picture from the clinic. It should be mandatory for every athlete who cares about their own body to take the clinic. Plus, Jeff is an amazing instructor.

Elliot E

I took your SMR Coaches Clinic Level 1 back in 2010 at CrossFit BWI in Baltimore, MD (I was the bald, heavy set student hit by a car the previous week before class and was on crutches)…. I can not thank you enough for the teachings taught to me in that class. It has changed my life, not only how my body feels but how I have been able to grow as an athlete.

Dennis L

Met Jeff two years ago. I was having a hard time standing for long periods of time without my back killing me. He made a couple of suggestions and show me what to do. It WORKED. Just worked two long days on cement. No Problem. Thank you Jeff.

Jo G

Hi Jeff!! So it’s been 9 days…. Everyday 5 mins… Feels comfortable on the block…. I am soooooo excited!!! Today… I was able to do double unders again….ZERO pain… Ventured forward to a 5×5 of back squats and…. Front squats!!!! ZERO PAIN!!!! I have not been able to do FS or DU’s for almost 9 months!!!! It’s so little but so very big!!!! I’m so happy… Thank you thank u thank u!!!!