I can’t thank you enough for the … therapy workshops! I set a goal 1 year ago to fix my newly acquired scoliosis. I attended several of your workshops and did my ‘homework’ at home. 1 year later, my scoliosis is completely gone! It worked! I acquired the scoliosis after sitting in a brace for 1 year following back surgery (front and back spinal fusion…. you’ll see all the metal in the picture). For 1 year I sat at the table in a reclined position working on my computer and reading favoring my right side. After 1 year I had definite scoliosis. I was so upset at my doctor appt 1 yr ago that I did not take a picture of my x-ray. Well, here is my picture from this year and you can see my spine is straight! (and completely fused by the way). Thanks again, you are a God send!