The Alexander Method of SMR

This is our completely revised 191-page workbook

“Wow Jeff, just got it and it looks great. 158 pages of awesome. Now I really want to go to one of your clinics.”

— John Schneider (from a review of our first edition with 158 pages)

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This is the same workbook included in our 2-Day Clinic, the Alexander Method of SMR

We have now sorted the 60 specific SMR exercises into 3 chapters. Each chapter is organized based on area of the body worked, and how often you should address that area to remedy your issue.

Written instructions include anatomical illustrations to help you understand were to work to address the muscles that are causing your problem. Photos depicting proper body position will guide you through each movement.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to SMR
    1. Who is doing this stuff, and why

  • Helpful tips to get the most out of this workbook
    1. When you should you do the primary exercises, the secondary ones, the extended ones, and other factors that make you more likely to have trigger points or adhesions

  • Joint Tables
    1. Learn which muscles attach to or near your trouble area and may be the reason your issue keeps coming back

  • Chapter 1: The Primary Regions
    1. The three most influential SMR exercises for maintaining functional movement

  • Chapter 2: The Secondary Regions
    1. The 16 most influential SMR exercises for addressing your normal aches and pains

  • Chapter 3: The Extended Regions
    1. The 41 specific SMR exercises for working out all the kinks that keep your issue coming back

  • Glossary
    1. Definitions of the acronyms, brief descriptions of the anatomical terms, and more to help you understand the material better

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