Tommy F

I’ve known Jeff for (I’m guessing approximately) 6 years, which was around the time that I took his (SMR) training class. I’ve gained a lasting professional resource through his manual, as well as with him directly. I have lower back issues, and each time I know exactly what to do to mitigate them. I actually have some (techniques) memorized, due to the frequency of the tightness in the lower back area, the piriformis, the multifidus on each side, the glutes, and the hamstrings. If I don’t remember what I need to do, I simply go to the manual and index it. There are days that I cannot bend over; at all. But in 5 minutes, I can function. Eventually and over time, I get back to normal. It’s easy to use and the methods work every time. I get instant relief. I continue performing the method(s) each day, actually in accordance with the manual based on priority, or I’ll have the same issue.

In addition to the personal use I’ve had over this time, I’ve also been able to successfully mitigate any issues clients have had with tightness in various body areas. What I like about Jeff’s methods is that I’m passing the knowledge for their particular issue to them, so that they can perform the method on themselves. They don’t have to rely on me to assist them or to do it for them, once I’ve shown them how to correctly perform the procedure(s).

Finally, I’ve had a lasting professional relationship with Jeff since we first met, and he continues even today to be there for me as a reference. I’m glad we can scale that relationship if necessary also, as for a minor question or issue that I have, he’s happy to give me his thoughts, and if it’s something I’m interested in paying for, we can always work that out as well.

I think in summary, Jeff’s class is not just a training class. It’s an agreement or a partnership in passing this information along to help as many people as possible. Yes, I have the book The Supple Leopard. But, I cannot just go ask Kelly Starrett a question and pick his brain about something the way I can with Jeff.